There are several interesting caves in the Alanya area to which pleasant excursions can be made. 

Dim Cave

Dim Cave is 12 miles east of Alanya on the slopes of Mount Cebel-i-Reis. The cave is about one million years old. The entrance is at an altitude of 232 metres and has panoramic views of Alanya Fortress. Two illuminated paths lead into the cave showing spectacular stalagmites and stalactites and at the end of the longest one there is a small lake. After visiting the cave there is a pleasant walk to Dim Creek and a nice picnic area. Public buses run regularly from town. There is an admission charge to the cave. 

Damatlas Cave

Damatlas Cave was discovered when stone was quarried for port construction in Alanya. Archaeologists found the cave to be some 15 thousand years old and to be the result of rain water leaking from rocks with alkaline properties.

Asthma and bronchitis can be treated beneficially with the healing quality of the water from the cave. The colourful stone columns, stalactites and stalagmites attract many visitors as well. 

Sea Caves

Sea Caves of outstanding natural beauty, such as Korsan Magarasi (Pirates’ cave), Asiklar Magarasi (Lovers’ cave) and Fosforlu Magara (Phosphorescent cave) are to be found to the right and left edges of the Alanya peninsula. Pirates stored their stolen goods in Pirates’ Cave, lovers use Lovers’ Cave for their romantic pursuits and Phosphorescent Cave emits lovely colours due to the specific qualities of the rocks.

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