For over centuries Alanya has been praised for her priceless beauty. No wonder: its fascinating city is situated on a small isle with the grand Taurus mountains at its north side and the inviting Mediterrainean sea at its south side.

Alanya City

Many, many people have already fallen in love with Alanya’s warm sun, her endless coast with beautiful natural beaches, her majestic history and her countless sights. Also her quiet bays with its docs and small boats that take you to even smaller islands with a treasure of sights are an attraction you must experience. Over 3.000 dutch people have already bought a property in Alanya. Treat yourself to this Turkish paradise on earth, it will be love at first sight!


Fabulous food

By day and by night, it is always the right time to enjoy good food in Alanya. Be it an indoor or outdoor restaurant, a lavish meal or a simple, freshly caught and cooked fish, there is a huge choice of food and places to enjoy eating it.

Turkish cuisine is not to be missed and is renowned for its delectable taste and beautiful presentation. But you will also find Chinese, Italian, Russian and European food in the numerous splendid restaurants, many of them with fantastic views of the town and the harbour. Don’t hesitate to have a kebab in one of the small cafes or kebab shops.

Shopping in Alanya

Alanya is a shopper’s paradise. Whether you want to browse in boutiques or stroll around the markets or bazaars, which you will find on certain days of the week, there is an enormous choice. Jeans and shirts, dresses and tops, you name it, and there will be something to your liking somewhere. Leather goods are a great speciality, and you will almost certainly find a nice jacket or coat or else a bag to take home. Prices are keen, and you are supposed to haggle to get an even better bargain.

Jewellery shops have beautiful things to tempt you: diamonds and gold jewellery in many different designs are available at competitive prices – certainly compared to European rates and you will be pleasantly surprised at the choice of goods to be found.

Market days in Alanya are a joy for all the senses: the colour and the smells of the food stalls, the heaps of fresh and colourful fruit and vegetables, the pile of spices and herbs, the cries of the sellers – all make for a wonderful sensation.

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